The Don of a New (terrible, horrible, no good very bad) Day

If there is anything Facebook and the current political climate has taught me, it’s people don’t really appreciate my thoughts, responses, or feedback on their political opinions.

To be fair, it’s probably because I can be snarky. I tend to “communicate” with sarcasm and pointy quips.

I’ll try to use my words better in this post. I once tried to write a paper in college that didn’t have sarcasm but in the end the professor wrote “I give this an F for Funny” which was really confusing until I looked at my grades in the online system and saw that yes, my grade was indeed an F. I guess there were a few lessons in that- namely,it’s difficult to not be sarcastic when you’ve self programmed that communication style. But the real  lesson: always check grades before the deadline to drop passes.

Anywho. I saw a Facebook post today I wanted to respond to but I didn’t want to do it on Facebook Poster’s page. I’m tired of facebook arguing, and I’m also tired of not Facebook arguing.

She asked why we are so scared. Based on the contextual clues in her post and what I know of her political leanings, I asserted that “we” is me…aka liberals and those that don’t support the Trump administration. “Of what are you so scared?” she asked. Well, actually she asked: What are you so scared of? but I corrected it.

“Are you scared of war? School shootings? Pipeline? Terrorism? Costly health insurance? Corruption? Bullying? Loss of jobs? A tanking economy? Discrimination based on relegion, sex, race, etc?” she demanded to know.

My short answer is…well, yes.  Of course.

“All these things were already happening before Trump-it’s not a Trump problem, it is a people problem” she continues. Then she suggests we stop being scared, stop being so easily offended, and we stop crying.

I wish! That would be really wonderful if I could just, you know, stop being scared and stop crying. I would actually love that. But I’m sorry, I can’t do that right now.

But what I can do is answer your question about why I am scared. Since you asked.

I’m scared for Planned Parenthood. I’m scared for millions of women who depend on Planned Parenthood for birth control. When we provide women with education and free and easy access to birth control, abortions rates drop. Like a lot. There is steady and plentiful stream of data to support that. Abortion rates are at their lowest in 40 years. Education works, and despite the opponent’s unfounded claims, Planned Parenthood’s work is devoted to helping women avoid unwanted pregnancies all together. Trump’s anti abortion executive order will not lower the number of women seeking abortions, it will do the opposite.

I’m scared of a Trump-supported law that makes it a criminal offense to dispose of fetal remains in any way besides burial or cremation including cases of miscarriage and still birth. A funeral for a miscarriage? Horrifying.

I’m scared for my daughter and little girls who have a president who reduces them to their looks and body parts.

“Grab them by the pussy”

“Big fat pig”

“Bleeding out of her wherever.”

“Look at that face. Would anyone vote for that?”

“Miss Piggy.”

Maybe I am overly sensitive and easily offended. I’m still reeling from a 1989 incident where a boy said I had ugly knees, for fuck’s sake. Damaging and inflammatory rhetoric about women and their looks is a hot button for me. I’m scared for those who don’t see the damage, don’t care or worse- think these comments are funny, excusable, not a big deal. I can’t accept misogyny and I’ll never shut up about it.

I’m scared for Muslims. I’m scared to live in a country where people behave and act on false claims, not facts. I’m scared of the people who have been empowered to openly express hateful and bigoted behavior. I’m terrified of the guy who posted “shoot them all on sight” about Muslims in response to one of my posts about Syrian refugees. Facebook Poster said this racism and hatred has always existed, so why the outcry now? I wish I had a better answer than “God, I just didn’t realize…” I didn’t cry out before because I live in my little liberal Austin bubble surrounded by friends and family and essentially an entire community who thinks and acts like me. I’m deeply ashamed for not paying more attention and being complacent. But I see it and hear it now. And I can’t keep hearing people talk about how dangerous Muslims are and how terrorist attacks are imminent when real, findable, credible data says otherwise. 94% of terrorist attacks in the US have been by non-Muslims (that according to the FBI). That’s critical information: Non Muslims. I’m tired of not hearing the term “terrorist” when the suspect in a terrorist attack is not a Muslim. I’m tired of not seeing the hundreds of terrorist attacks carried about by NON muslims not get the same coverage as every attack where the supsect happens to be Muslim. I’m scared of exaggerated fears. I’m scared of what these rising tensions will bring.  Yes, I’m scared of scared people. Lol. But not really lol.

I’m scared of a country that lacks compassion. It is our humanatarian duty to help the children, women and men who want to flee the war zones we helped create. Yes, I’m a proud liberal and Obama-lover and even I agree that mistakes made by the Obama and other administrations have contributed to this crisis. Now, I will turn my outcry into action and do volunteer work for the Texas Center for Refugees. Refugees are welcome here, and I will do my part to make sure that message is heard long after the dust settles from this crazy political shit storm.

I’m scared for our clean water and clean air. All signs point to the Trump administration dismantling the EPA. I’m scared of anti-science people. I’m scared of dirty rich people who undermine the negative impact of environmentally harmful things so that they can continue to profit from environmentally harmful things. E.g. oil deals.

I’m scared for trans kids. I’m scared for the LBGQT community. Trump promised to fill openings on the U.S. Supreme Court with people just like the late Justice Antonin Scalia who was famously anti-LGBT, opposed marriage equality and anti-discrimination law, supported sodomy laws, and compared gay men and lesbians to murderers, child abusers, pedophiles, and people who have sex with animals.

I’m scared of rising tensions with China and Russia and what that could mean for a future war. Perhaps not in my lifetime, but laying the foundation of what will happen in my daughter’s lifetime. And who will be our allies? Certainly not the 1.6 billion Muslims we alienate.

I’m scared that people stopped thinking we should be scared of Russia.

I’m scared because there are so many things that are scaring me right now, I’m having a hard time determining what scares me most. But I think it boils down to this-

I’m scared of a president who employs gaslighting tactics to exert power and control by creating doubts about what is real and what is not. And I’m scared that Americans are buying it. Trump is that guy that will tell you he loves you, cheat on you, punch you in the face, then try to convince you it’s all your fault.

So yes, I’m scared. Being hit in the face fucking hurts.